Certifications and quality policy

As part of the company’s development strategy, certification of the Quality Management System was implemented through Standard NP EN ISO 9001:2015, confirming the organisation’s focus on guaranteeing the compliance of its services, ensuring customer satisfaction and implementing ongoing improvements.

As a specialist in food product storage services, Transfrio also decided to implement the BRC Storage & Distribution module, based on the principles of ISO 9001. The aim of this module is to track batches, guarantee the safety and quality of the stored and distributed products and ensure good workplace standards, including maintenance, cleanliness, product handling and applicable temperature controls.

In compliance with the hygio-technical-sanitary requirements, required by Community Regulations, our facilities have the Veterinary Control Number (NCV), thus allowing operations with products of animal origin.

All mobile and fixed temperature monitoring and control devices are duly certified according to the appropriate standards, with the regulatory authorities. (ISQ):