About Us

Transfrio started out in 1991 under the name of Transportes Rosália. Until 1999, it transported fish from Vigo to Aveiro and Lisbon under the leadership of its founding partner, Manuel dos Santos, together with his wife, Rosália.

The company’s great turning point came in 1999, when it was taken over by new partners, António Xavier Clemente, António Carlos Clemente and Fernando Moreira, who replaced the previous management. Continuing to transport fish from the Port of Vigo to several destinations in Portugal, a groupage service of fresh and frozen products was introduced, in a daily service with guaranteed quality. New routes were gradually established across Europe, extending the range of services to the already existing market. The current management has remained unchanged since the exit of Fernando Moreira, in 2009.

The company has gradually invested in processes that have enhanced quality, excellence and proximity to customers. These principles have always set Transfrio apart, ensuring that the entire organisation has been able to grow in a continuous and sustainable way.

As the company has expanded, it has also invested and broadened its scope to the transportation and storage of any type of product requiring temperature control. Based on a well-defined strategy, Transfrio’s internationalisation has been yet another natural step in the company’s growth. As its business has extended to the main European markets, Transfrio’s top-class human and physical resources and dynamic and rigorous culture have earned it the trust of the largest national groups, with which it has established solid and long-lasting partnerships.

Currently with over 15 years’ experience in controlled temperature transportation and storage as well as a young, competent and dynamic team, it constantly strives to be the leader in its field in order to meet customers’ needs and remain innovative in the services it provides.